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    Code of Conduct- Parents, Coaches and Others

    Parental, Spectators, Visitors, Coaches, Players and League official code of conduct documents. This is manditory reading for Parents who wish their children to participate in the League. Visitors must agree to comply or will be subject to be asked to leave the site. August 2017 release.
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    MCSL Specific Rules_rev7

    These are our League specific rules. The 16Aug2017 updates them as we move towards final compliance with US Soccer player initiatives for small side games.
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    US Soccer Player Development Initiative

    This is US Soccer's player development initiate file (PDI) Feb 2017 version that has driven many of the rule changes of the past several seasons. US Club Soccer has embraced it and its members are to implement it the best they are able. We have operated our entire existence pretty much to their philosophy so most changes have been incorporated without issue.