New as of February 1st ...  

PDF version of registration form posted in registration section.

As of January 31st ...  

The League is a GO for this Spring !!!   Based upon the your responses, we will have our planned 4 teams for U7 & U10.  The club leadership discussed the situation with the U12 responses not quite getting to our minimums and have decided the following.  For U12 only, we will commit to 3 teams/4 games while continuing our recruitment in the official registration phase (i.e. the next 6 weeks).  God willing, we will then go to the 4 teams/6 game schedule that will occur for the U7 & U10s divisions.   But regardless, we opted to provide some avenue for those who commited to us to to make that division work.

Key dates:

Spring registration period:  Feb 1 - Mar 15 (signed registration forms & money required).  Note:  if we max out certain club teams early, we will announce their closure prior the end of the registration period but continue to fill in spots for other teams.  Those that responded in our pre-committment phase have spots saved but will need to get the forms/$ in during the registration period to continue to have those reservations honored.

Mar 26-28:   First practices (weather permitting)

April 27th:   Opening Day (Saturday)


May 4th, 11th, 18th, June 1st, 8th:  Additional weekly Saturday soccer games at the Plymouth Church soccer
May 18th – Picture day.

As of January 6, 2019 ...  

IMPORTANT UPDATE for Parents ---

M.C.S.L is pleased to announce that we have reached stage 2 in our efforts to restart the soccer league.  We have three committed clubs that will provide the 4 teams per division necessary for the League to move forward.

The final stage now falls to you.  In order to make the League go, we need to have player commitments for the minimum number of players for all 4 teams in each division by Thursday, January 31st .  That will then allow us to make the final decision to move forward with the season or close the League indefinitely.  The date timing was chosen to allow other alternatives to be open for those who “commit” should the League not get enough participation at our deadline.

We are not asking for money at this time.  The key initially is that we just need an email or phone call committing your child(ren) to play in the League prior to that Thursday deadline.  However, on or before January 31st, 2019 -  Parents must commit their child to play in the League either verbally to the club of their choice at the given phone number or in writing via email.

Important details are provided in a PDF file note to parents loaded in registration materials section.

MCSL Leadership


As of June 16th ...  

The Spring 2018 season is over.   Congradulations to this Fall's winners! U7 champions CSC Firebirds, U10 - champions CSC Eagles and U12 co-champion PNSC Tornados & PNSC Hurricanes.